Maybe I’m old fashioned, but truthfully I do not fancy spending all my time on various social media trying to stay “connected” with people. Most people today however do not hold the same view and a large number is tethered to their iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or other Android devices all day long in order to continuously update their status messages, comments, blogs and micro-blogs on websites from all over the world. I will however be the first to admit that mobile technology has changed the world  and the boom in mobile applications development in India as well as abroad is definitely the way forward, but I am also sure that Social Media is definitely not the be all-end all for mobile devices and applications. The rapid increase in mobile phones with cutting edge features along with varying requirements of key user groups has led to the introduction of many mobile apps, which go beyond Evernote, Twitter, Facebook Chat etc. and here I will discuss some of the lesser known apps currently available for a range of mobile devices.


Do you travel often, arrange lunch/dinner meetings with clients and then at the end of the month you have trouble locating the receipt? If yes, then your wishes have come true in the form of Shoeboxed. Use this app to click a picture of a receipt, any receipt and the mobile app will automatically input the date and time. At the end of the month, the app automatically collates the data and you can submit complete expense reports to your company without any hassles.


This unique mobile application was designed to provide users with various options capable of streamlining operations within an organization. The app can also be utilized by individuals and allows them to plan every step necessary to move forward with the task at hand. Using Jumpchart also ensures that co-ordination is maintained to ensure the on time delivery of projects with minimum problems related to delivery or execution.


Have you ever observed that tracking existing clients and related follow ups seem to be consuming a lot more of your time? If yes, give Harvest a try and you will definitely not be disappointed. Using this mobile app is guaranteed to resolve your time issues related to handling client requests, while ensuring efficient time management during these tasks. The app also allows you to directly send the client billing information to quick books, a feature which will definitely decrease the load on your in-house accounts department.

Google Currents      

Try as you may, there is no way you can get away from big brother Google and Google Currents is definitely a remarkable app. This application developed for mobile allows users to stay apprised of a wide range of current affairs including recent news, post by friends and much more. If you like to use your device to keep updated on information from all over the world, Google Currents is definitely one of the best mobile applications in this segment. Additional features include the ability of users to post their own updates on a wide range of social media websites including Google+.


Photo sharing apps are the rage in social media circles, but the enterprise segment is definitely not immune either. Using applications such as Vine, users can share photos of a wide range of products from anywhere in the world. Key problems related to security of such data are slowly being resolved and over the years, application similar to Vine are expected to play a crucial role in business success or organizations operating in today’s rapidly changing global economy.

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