Key Criteria to Consider While Choosing the Recruitment Software

7 Key Criteria to Consider While Choosing the Recruitment Software

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Choosing recruitment software can be a nerve-racking job – a wrong decision may cost your company huge amount of money. Usually HR looks for a risk-free way to introduce and implement the right recruitment software into their organizations.

Key Criteria to Consider While Choosing the Recruitment Software

Here are 7 key ingredients to choose the right recruitment software:

  1. Open architecture – The right recruiter software must integrate with rest of the tech stable products starting with payroll, onboarding and the career page of the company’s website. So make sure your chosen product comes with proper technology architecture that can integrate with other systems and the product managers maintain long-term commitment to their integration schedule.
  2. Free real-time trial – Real-time trial is a must so the HR can use the software in recruitment environment and can recruit real candidates through the software during trial.
  3. Career page – Your careers page must be crucial to your existing and future recruitment plan. Google is very likely to expose the careers page to Web and thus it provides you with a great opportunity to attract job-seekers and so they start depending less and less on the paid job-boards and advertising.
  4. Low upfront investment – Typically cloud-based systems charge very little to no initial setup costs though it’s not the same always. But you should be vigilant while calculating total upfront investment. However, it is always recommended that you choose a product that charges ZERO upfront fees.
  5. Excellent support – Poor support can severely cripple your company’s internal recruitment process from meeting the goals and fulfilling objectives. So you must understand the support level and average turn around time for addressing issues, especially with overseas suppliers having their own call centers.
  6. No lock-in period – Cloud-based software usually come with no contractual commitment though some have a very short lock-in contracts. No lock-in period ensures that you can quit the agreement anytime if you’re unsatisfied with the service.
  7. Social connection – The right hiring software the HR selects should have social presence like posting for jobs on social sites like Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why to choose Jobvite?

When looking for the right recruitment software, Jobvite can surely be taken into consideration. The company has been offering outstanding platforms to leading organizations so they can manage their hiring requirements more effectively.

How Jobvite can help you?

  1. The primitive idea of recruitment doesn’t exist anymore. With Jobvite you can hire the right talents quickly and without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  2. It helps you build a talent pool and thus lessen time for hiring.
  3. Jobvite puts easy, user-friendly social sourcing and referral tools to your employees so they can refer best talents.
  4. It helps you screen your chosen candidates quickly and easily through video interviews.
  5. Jobvite helps companies deliver a customized career site with rich and engaging content with works optimally on any device.
  6. It makes the hiring process customized, efficient and engaging, and so creates happy staffs that may stay with you for longer.

Irrespective of the size of your company, you can always find and make use of recruitment software that ensures happy hiring.

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