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Advantages of dedicated windows web hosting – There are basically three mediums of server hosting in Windows web hosting. The different types of web hosting plans are individual plans, dedicated servers and reseller accounts. Dedicated servers which is also known asshared hosting plans share storage on the hosting server where the webmaster upgrades the limited features. Yet people generally choose dedicated web hosting instead of individual plans and reseller accounts. As there are certain obvious aids of dedicated web hosting. Some of the most vital benefits that give an advantage to dedicated web hosting over other types are discussed below.


Dedicated web hosting is a structure which provides the user with the advantages and resources of a complete server. Some of the most vital benefits a user can get which can help his business performances are discussed.” Windows Dedicated web hosting” implies that a total server is dedicated to a user’s website. This gives the surety that there will never be any shortage of allocation disk memory or even bandwidth as a result the website does welland you get a platform to share the resources with other business tie ups.This web hosting is more secure, reliable and convenient than the other hosting services.

Since a user has a dedicated server solely for himself, data is comparatively safer and other companies can never spy on your data. It is preserved well and has less chances of crash which makes business easy for the user. Some dedicated web hosting companies provide 24*7 technical support, as even if the server crashes, it can be restored within few time. The dedicated server hosting is more preferable as it provides the customersa great control over the server allowing operations like FTP, PHP, MySQL. Sometimes they also give access to other resources, which helps the user to run his website smoothly. It is considered to be more flexible than the other available servers. It gives us the scope of “resource optimization”.

There are certain “Microsoft office based tools” available for web designing such as “FrontPage”. The windows dedicated servers do support such tools. Moreover, if a customer uses service platforms like SharePoint, it becomes easy for transfer of files in the windows dedicated server.Websites created based on .Net technology don’t work without windows web hosting server. It is advisable to use a dedicated managed server to run a website as they are very user-friendly.

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