Are the Stereotypes Surrounding Gamers Finally Dead?

Are the Stereotypes Surrounding Gamers Finally Dead?

For many decades, gamers were given a hard time. Both in media and throughout society they had an unapologetically nasty image: often one that involved acne, way too much body fat and an aversion to sunlight. They were often teased for playing games instead of socializing or for being more interested in the rich, immersive world that games provide than in the real world, especially as they grew older. Just think about it, who hasn’t heard the phrase “Do you still live in your mother’s basement?”


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Well, we think that these rather unfair stereotypes surrounding gaming are finally being abolished. Why? Because everybody in the whole world seems to be gaming now, whether it’s on the new super powered consoles or on their smartphone. In 2015, a study released by the Entertainment Software Association revealed that 155 million Americans played video games on a regular basis, while four out of every five households own at least one console. Interestingly, both age and gender demographics were all pretty similar – meaning that there was officially no longer one type of person who played games.

This research was not limited to console games though and included one of the more modern sectors of the gaming industry: mobile games. As these games can be accessed using any smartphone, their popularity is growing rapidly amongst both industry leaders and players. For instance, online casino bgo is accessible via web browser as well as a bgo app, which means you can play casino games whenever and where ever you please. Another modern feature that is helping break down stereotypes is that these sites are creating more inclusive media. Interestingly, bgo’s how to play slots guide reveals that men and women alike both enjoy playing slots like Starburst and Da Vinci Diamonds more than table games which have always held a masculine edge.


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Then there’s the social aspect of modern games that was somewhat lackluster in the past. These days you can connect with thousands of people through the internet whether you’re playing games at sites like Winner or Super Casino where you can open up a chat box, on sites like Miniclip through comments or while kicking butt on Battlefield by talking on your headset. This also applies to more local companions as, according to a Pew Research Centre study, 78% of young adult gamers said playing online games made them feel more connected to their friends. It’s clear that in the 21st century, gaming experiences are shared more than solitary.

As technology, software and hardware progress, it seems that so too do our assumptions about members of our society. It appears that we have well and truly transcended the gaming stereotypes that surrounded the avid gamers of the 80s and 90s. Unfortunately, there may still be some that enjoy indulging in petty arguments surrounding what makes someone a “true gamer” rather than casual gamer – as well as what those labels mean in the grand scheme of things (spoiler: absolutely nothing) – but hopefully we will outgrow those prejudices as well. Whether you’re playing slots at bgo, popping bubbles on your smartphone or ploughing through the newest PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch releases embrace this new world where gamers are everywhere. This is the era of the gamer!

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