By now we are well aware that content is considered as King. The sole purpose of any blog or site is to provide information to the readers.

Most successful SEO Firms believe that quality content is what’s needed to be given emphasis to. It is not only supportive in retaining the readers to any blog but it also helps in advancing better search engine rankings.

Foundational and Community Building through Content

Just because you have a blog, it does not mean you always have to write about the products you sell. Same goes for social media platforms. Direct selling gets old quick and can be limiting in terms of the audience you can involve. You have already built a website, blog or social network page to promote your products or services. Now invest no more than 20% of your time online towards maintaining it.

Foundational Content

Foundational content is typically the content that permanently lives on your website. It is essentially self-promotional and explains who you are and what you do. It is basically your sales pages for your products or services and it tends to be static.

Community Building Content 

This content is more about what you do and what you know and is usually posted on your blog. This content indirectly promotes your brand and earns you links. It is what augments your online reputation as an expert. It is most effective for building trust, establishing credibility and attracting people.

How content attracts the customers?

The power of content in any business blog to attract customers is huge. Once you are engaged with the readers who find time to respond or comment to your blog post, you have created opportunities to keep them involved with your blog and may end up selling your product or services.

  • Awareness To The Customers

One way to create awareness is to provide informational articles. Initial requirement is to make a connection between content marketing and social media.

Whenever you put out a new post over your blog, you will see readers responding to it in various ways. Few would like it, others would comment over it, while a couple of them would even share it at different social networking sites. That’s the way you’re able to connect with your visitors, readers, followers who have liked your content. And this can only happen when you have produced quality content.

Your aim is to create awareness and make sure your explanation meets the buyers’ need when they are ready to make a decision.

  • Convert Prospects

Online entrepreneurs create blogs to simply attract their prospective customers towards their brand so they can buy products or services from them. The modern day consumers have started buying things only after researching and reviewing the products online. Blogs play a vital role in giving the information in the form of quality content to the prospective customers. Hence content becomes an essential part of any internet marketing or social media marketing strategy.

This will aim at building trust that closes the sale.

  • Keep Existing Customers

A good content over your blog can increase your blog’s credibility to a great extent. Once you start blogging with quality blog posts on a habitual basis, you steadily develop a good fan following or reader base.

The last question on any buyer’s mind is, ‘Am I getting the results with the choice I made?’ This type of content increases loyalty in documentation.

Your current and future customers are used to social media. Ensure you have well-planned content marketing. The objective is about retention and referral.

All the businesses need to understand the content needs to get your marketing to that rewarding intersection. Also, higher the quality of content, more likely are the viewers to see your content and hence it can be useful for higher search engine rankings.

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