Bing search engine announced a new feature for Bing webmaster called Site Move Tool. By using this tool you can move your site within the same URL as well as from one domain to another. This tool providing more flexibility because some other webmaster tools only allow “change of address” from one root domain to another but Bing’s Site Move tool provides two types of site move. The site move tool is placed under the Diagnostics & Tools menu on the Bing webmaster dashboard.

Moving within the same domain

This allows you to carry out multiple URL redirects from one location to another within the existing website. This also allows you to notify Bing regarding major internal URL movements within your website, so that there is minimum loss of traffic subsequent to the relocation. This link is indispensible if you’ve performed a major redesign of your website with multiple redirects of many of the old pages.   

Moving one domain to another domain

If you want to move your full domain to another domain you can use this tool. This is the best way to notify Bing that you are moving from one domain to another domain. Bing is providing more flexibility   as compared to Google, because Google provides “Change Address” from one domain to another domain but  not within the same domain.

According to Bing you need to keep the 301 redirects unchanged to ensure that your website’s move to a new domain is smooth.

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