difference between bs3 and bs 4

Difference Between BS 3 & BS 4 Engine. Everything you want to know!

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Difference Between BS 3 & BS 4 Engine РFrom the 1st April all bike manufacturing company can sale only BS4 Vehicles. Supreme court of India had announced that no company can sale BS3 vehicle from the 1st April. But Indian manufacturing company  have 8.2 lakh BS III vehicles still in their stock and now all these companies providing huge discount on all BS3 Vehicles till 31st of march. So everyone wants to know that what is the BS3 & BS4. We are going to explain everything about these terms. Indian Court banned all the BS3 Bikes in Indian from the 1st april.

difference between bs3 and bs 4

What is the Difference Between BS 3 & BS 4 Engine

The full from of BS is Bharat stage and the number that is associated with BS shows how much pollution the engine spreads. That is, the lesser the number is the pollution. So far the vehicle of BS-3 engine was allowed in the country but after the order of the court, it has now been stopped. Now vehicles with BS-4 or higher can be used only.. The BS standard determines the Central Pollution Control Board.  This is the main difference in the BS3 and BS 4.

Difference Between BS3 & BS4

BS standard is essential for every vehicle running in the country and this standard can vary from country to country, as in the US it has standard Tier-1, Tier-2, while Europe has euro standard. Automobile market started with the BS-2 engine in the Indian market After that the engine of BS-3 technology came. Now the engines are available in the market with BS-4 technology. In the coming time, there is a continuation of the construction of the engine of BS-6 technology, which will make nominal pollution.

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