EaseUs New Releases of Todo Backup Free 8.2 & Advanced 8.2 Versions

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People having a common trouble of losing their important things; if we missed our important possessions most of the time we couldn’t get back. This is the worst thing gives a bad feeling for us. But if we lost any important documents, files or any other important things from our storage devices like PC’s, Mobile, memory card, hard disc and any other file systems, now it’s possible to get back our lost data’s.

This is promising by the EaseUS data Recovery wizard. It is the most famous file retrieval utility developed by EaseUs. This is used to retrieve all missing files from storage devices and the other file systems. This recovery wizard is recommended by most of the public because of its reliable features. So this recovery tool is recommended by most of the public because of its reliable features.


Nowadays we are in a need of two kinds of backup tools like, one for files and Documents and second one for Systems.

Now EaseUs releases its new version of Todo Back up free 8.2 with some awesome features.

About the new versions of Todo Backup free 8.2 & Advanced 8.2

The EaseUs todo Backup free is a relaunch version of Todo Backup Home, which is vend as a marketable product before.

It’s a backup and retrieved utility similar to other good backup tool. This one is used to back up  the whole system data’s which is currently in the system memory like, current position, settings, data and the entire otherwise according to your preferences, as well as divisions or Full disks. It reinstates your computer in the happening of a hard disk crash or any other misfortunes.


Todo Backup free 8.2 is proficient of backing up the whole thing as of preferred records and file types to the whole drives and divisions, by scheduling choices and helping for incremental renewals so backups are reserved as small and proficient as likely. And also there is an availability of duplicate tools integrated for upgrading since one drive to another.

The new advanced version of Todo Backup server 8.2 is most consistent server backup software designed for Exchange Server and SQL Server. It’s an economical backup and recuperation key to completely protect windows server from severe computer breakdown and it satisfies the requirements of dealings with Exchange Server and SQL Server.

The backup exchange is more significant in business where Exchange server is used. This one is powerfully suggested by professionals that the performance of regular basis exchange database backup and calamity recovery.


System Backup:

Entire system data recovery

Disk Imaging:

Swiftly and proficiently recovers the data’s from the complete disks and volumes.

File Backup:

Preferably backup the files or a folder.

Hot backup:

Back up the particular file without interrupting any current operations, mainly for open file.

Incremental and Differential Backup:

Specifically backup the modifications made by the last backup.

Scheduled Backup:

Bendy backup planner permits backup to run according to the daily, weekly or monthly.

Unattended backup:

You can backup still your system is logged out or slept.

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