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Facebook is not Apologetic About its Shady App

Facebook may also have just been stuck spying on teens’ telephones under the guise of “marketplace studies,” but the organization isn’t always about to make an apology for it. In a company memo published through business insider, Facebook’s vice chairman of manufacturing, Engineering, and protection Pedro Canahuati, tries to provide an explanation for the company’s

Should You Use Infographics on Your Blog or Website?

Infographics are nothing but the Information Graphics which are used to represent information more quickly. Even a tricky thing can be made simple by creating an Infograph picture. It can also be referred to as data visualization. We can use these infographics in any aspect such as presentations, sales campaign, annual reports, blogs, websites, newsletters, etc. It is simple aforesaid as a


Bing search engine announced a new feature for Bing webmaster called Site Move Tool. By using this tool you can move your site within the same URL as well as from one domain to another. This tool providing more flexibility because some other webmaster tools only allow “change of address” from one root domain to