If you are using phone numbers in your adWords ad, this information is very important for you. From the next few weeks Google will not allow phone number in the adword ad text. If you still want to use your phone no. in your ad then you have to use the Call Extensions feature. From this April, Google will no longer approve ads that have phone numbers in the ad text.

According to Google official announcement:

“In the next few weeks, we will no longer allow phone numbers to be used in the ad text of new ads. Advertisers who would still like to promote phone numbers in their AdWords advertising can use the call extensions feature. We’re posting this alert now to provide adequate lead time to make ad changes.

In April 2013, we will begin to disapprove ads that were using phone numbers in their ad text before the March 2013 policy change.

We are making this change to foster a safer, more consistent user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.”

When a user clicks the call extension button, Google will charge regular click fees. Call extension button only show clickable on those devices that Support calling.

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