Google Confirm Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords

Confirmed:- Google confirmed new enhanced adwords campaigns called “enhanced campaigns,” on Wednesday, February 06, 2013. This platform is more helpful and simpler to use for adword users. Google make a post on their blog about the enhanced adwords campaigns, You can read about all these changes here. I read this post first time from, You can also read on searchengineland by clicking here.

With the help of ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ you can adjust your campaigns bids according to your requirement and also manage all your ads through one campaign. An Example in the Google blog post was as follows:- If you are running a Pizza Restaurant and you may want to show One advertisement to someone who is searching for “Pizza” at 1 PM on their Computer at work (May be a link to an online order form or menu) while showing a different ad to someone searching for “Pizza” a half mile away from the restaurant at 8 PM in the evening using a smartphone. The new adword system allows you to customized your online advertisements according to your specific requirements.

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