Occupying top position on the search engine results page (SERP) is crucial for businesses. There are several factors that SEO companies consider while formulating the search strategies. Now one more has been added to the list – social media.

The impact of social media on search ranking is very clear and there are several direct and indirect ways by which social media can increase your search rankings.

Direct Impact of Social Media on Search Rankings

Called social signals, these are factors that are directly associated with an increase in search rankings. The social signals include:

 1.    Number of Social Recommendations

The higher number of social recommendations you are able to garner for your content, in terms of Facebook likes and shares, Pinterest pins, Google +1s and so on, the chances are higher that it will rank higher on the SERP. Click here for a SearchMetrics study which concluded that Facebook shares have the highest correlation with high ranking websites.

 2.    Sharing by High Authority Social Media Users

When niche influencers, who are power social media users, share your content on social media, it is a positive social signal and results in search engines bumping up your position on the SERP.

Indirect Impact of Social Media on Search Rankings

This refers to social media factors which influence a core (traditional) SEO factor and thus indirectly enhance the search rankings. These factors include.

 1.    Increase in Website Traffic

When you share your content on social media with the relevant link, people in your network are likely to click through, increasing the traffic to your site. And when they further share the link on their own social networks, the click thru rates increase further, creating a traffic surge to your site. Enhanced traffic is positive SEO factor.

 2.    Greater Link Building Opportunities

When more people become aware of your content via social media, the chances are higher that at least some of them will link back to it from their own sites, because they find it relevant and valuable.

The recent changes in Google’s algorithms, particularly the Penguin update has brought the focus back on natural organic back links. And this is exactly what you are achieving due to the involvement of social media.

Of course with further social sharing, the exposure for your content increases, increasing the chances of more back links, a positive search factor, leading to increase in search ranking.

 3.    Increase in Domain Authority

It is a well established search rule that high authority domains rank higher. Social media provides you the perfect platform to build domain authority and enhance your search rankings. Use social media to showcase your expertise on the subject. You should also use social media to interact with the community, be part of the conversations, offer expert opinion and views and in general add value to the community. This results in more social followers and more rapid social sharing of your posts. These factors contribute to the authority of your website in the niche and consequently lead to increased search rankings.

How has social media affected your search rankings?

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