Mobiles phones have become a necessity now-a-days for everyone. Everyone is so fascinated about owning a mobile phone mainly iPhone. It has become like a basic need to everyone and also phones have now become very cheap that it is easy to get one. Now it is not needed to go to any mobile store to buy any phone. Everything is available online. From the electronic goods, home needs, clothing and accessories are available in online market stores and huge discounts avail here which differ from one to one store. Many mobile phones are available at very less rate with best features. With the use of these devices we can connect to people worldwide, to our friends and relatives anytime. The communication gap has decreased with the use of mobile phones.


Not every time we can carry our laptops and at that time this small device comes in handy where we can check emails, messages, connect to social networking websites or have a Skype call even in case of urgency. Now we know how important a cell phone has become in our day to day life activities and as every electronic device require electricity, mobile phone also does as we all know that we need to charge our phone for some time.

You cannot do anything if you don’t have charge in your phone so you need to keep charging your phone whenever necessary. Your iPhone comes with a iPhone-accessories you can connect to socket and charge. Not always we get a charger that time we can use mobile power bank to charge your phone. You can be anywhere may be a library, market, department stores, while travelling or even at home you can simply charge your phone with these mobile power bank.

Romoss Sense 6 plus portable mobile powers is one of the best power bank suitable for mobile phones and tablets with 20000 mAh cell capacity and rated capacity of 12580 mAh. It has a LCD display with multi-output functionality. It is a pure white color power bank made of PVC, ABS. It takes 3.7V power with 6.5 hours charging time with 2.1A input and it should be charged for 13 hours with 1A input.


The mobile power bank weighs about 0.470 kgs. This mobile power storage is portable with both outdoor and indoor usage. It offers clear LCD display that shows available power capacity and charging status. Romoss mobile power storage is one of most essestial iPhone accessories.

This mobile power bank is suitable for cell phone, MP3, PDA, console and other digital services. it is compatible with iPhone 6/6S plus Samsung Note 5, S6 edge and tablet PCs.

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