What should you do when you have a startup business and think of getting more online visibility? Digital marketing is indeed the way to go. After all, who does not want getting his brand to as many new customers as possible!

However, Digital marketing, in many a ways, is a maze that very few business owners manage to solve! When you approach a professional, he might confuse you with just about too many options. Things can be pretty bamboozling and you might fail to choose from one type of marketing to the other. And in case you have decided on a small budget on designing an online marketing strategy, you can get some help by getting updated from the latest trends in digital marketing.

#1: Social

The platforms of social media are undoubtedly some of the most effective ways to create human traffic for a relatively short time. However, it is not just about creating a social media profile only! In fact, opening the profile is just the beginning of the story and thereby, you need to keep it updated. And how can you make it? Well, you need to be interactive with your calls; do not keep any query unattended, and pay due importance to customer feedbacks.

The key to success in social media marketing is- consistency and regularity. But one thing that you should keep in mind is- success in social media has very little to do with the overall success of your business. However, it does its bit to attract customers, both new and existing. By keeping updated them on what is hot and what is not with your company, you do ignite a spark on interest in your customers’ hearts, thus making them give your company a thought.

Another thing about social media marketing is that you need to be open to all sorts of feedbacks- positive, mixed, as well as the negative ones! After all, they will all help you to trace the actual needs and wants of your customers. It will be enriching and rewarding for your company’s health, of course.

There is another good thing about this approach! You can try some really small, tiny investments. This means, try advertising on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and similar places. Take full advantage of the premier services they offer. Selecting the right keywords to promote your products can go a long way in this regard. Why not take some assistance from the Affordable seo services in London and get it done without any hassle?

#2: Content

As they say, content is the KING! It is, in all ways, the foundation to make your brand’s voice heard everywhere! Just think of it in this way- would you like to give any company a try whose website offers vague, imcomprehendable details about the company and it key people, and have little information on its products, all written drably? Same will go with your website. Make sure that the professional who prepares the content make it helpful, livid and not insipid!

#3: Mobile

With Google’s introduction to the most updated mobile-friendly algorithm, it is more than important for your company website to be mobile-friendly. Which means, anyone researching on your company using his or her mobile, should never feel he/ she is getting any less of information than what they would see on the desktop. So take care that the website creates an ‘addictive ‘effect and not ‘reductive’. And given that more and more people prefer using their mobile phones and surfing internet while on the go, it’s no wonder that a mobile friendly website gives an additional boost to your company promotion.


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