In this fast pace era of technology where everything has become digitized, telecom industry and software technology has taken a great leap. In nowadays’ digital life, Android device has become one of the most popular and desired devices. Being an open source and free, almost 70-80% of the Smartphone users use android phone. As it is coming with awesome and useful apps, people are in frequent usage of Smartphone rather than PC. Hence, possibilities are there that lose the data of your phone or it might get crashed. In this situation, data recovery plays a perfect solution. Loss of data on Android device is a common phenomenon that each one of us encounters in our day to day life. In order to embark upon this problem, Mobikin Doctor for Android software enables all the Android users to recover all erased data.

MobiKin Doctor for Android

If you are wondering the solution for recovery, then MobiKin Doctor for Android is one stop solution for recovery of these types of files. It is one of the useful apps for data recovery on Android. Reason for your contacts to get deleted can be many, but, solution is only one. If your phone is lost, formatted or crashed automatically, don’t get panic, as you can recover your deleted contacts from Android via this software.

Convenient, ease on usage and highly companionable, using MobiKin Doctor for Android is an advantageous method to recover data from Android. Additional features adhered with this application includes renew text messages, photos, contacts and other data. If you are one among those who get puzzled of selecting the tools to recover deleted contacts from Android, then this app is the savior for you owing to following reasons:

  • Ability to recover different types of Android data including messages, contacts, media, documents etc.
  • Messages and contacts will be retreived and saved in TXT or HTML format on your computer.
  • Media and document will be stored as its new format for further editing and screening.
  • Excellently functional with all Android devices – HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, Google, Asus etc.

It is extremely convenient to view the deleted or lost data as they are marked in red color.

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