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Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool – Solution To Deal With Duplicate PST File Items

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The rising need of MS Outlook in corporate and business sectors had made people dependent on PST file existence. This is because PST keeps a record of all actions performed via Outlook whether it is emails, contacts or any meetings & schedules etc. Sometimes users receive same type of messages from more than one employee and create duplicate items in PST records. The biggest drawback of PST files is its size limitation in different versions which is 2 GB in 2002 & below versions and 20 GB in 2003 & upgraded versions. The most annoying cause users observe due to this limitation is freezing, hanging or corruption to some extent. To avoid all such issues in Outlook data files one common practice is to remove duplicate items from PST file which is causing oversizing issues.

Outlook Duplicate Remover

Outlook duplicate remover is a useful utility that can be used to deal with such situations. The tool help to remove duplicate items from Outlook PST files in bulk mode, users are only required to browse PST files with tool and choose appropriate option. Resolutely, the tool will remove all duplicate emails, contacts, calendar entries and to do lists from PST file and provide a duplicate free PST to users. Let us discuss all pros, cons and observations of tool in details to reach a point to define ratings of tool.

Dual Duplicate Removal Options!

Remove Duplicates Within Folders: The tool provides dual options to remove duplicate items from PST files amongst them one is remove duplicate items within folders. This option will help to remove duplicate items across PST file folders i.e. if a user has duplicate email with same name in inbox folder then it will remove one email. Similarly, the tool will remove all duplicate items within all PST folders.

Complete Process To Remove Duplicates From PST File

Download and install Outlook duplicate remover tool in system and run it from Start > All Programs > Outlook Duplicate Remover tool.

  • Launch the tool and it will initially check for system pre-requisites. After the welcome screen of tool appears on screen choose from ‘Add File(s)’ or ‘Add Folder’ options.
  • Add File(s) option will help to add separate PST files one at time and Add Folder option will to add particular folder that contains multiple PST files once at time.
  • The provision to remove wrongly added PST files is also provided in case if user don’t require to remove duplicates from that particular PST file.
  • Second option is to select category for which duplicate items need to be removed. For example if duplicates are required to remove from Emails then check on emails option and uncheck all, this will remove duplicate items only from emails of PST file.
  • Also select duplicate options to remove duplicate from PST file desirably.
  • Now provide a destination location to save output PST files and begin the process of removing duplicate items from PST file. The tool also previews the overall status of PST duplicate removal process in software panel.

Evaluation Of Output PST Files

  • To evaluate output PST files the tool will output an CSV file both for duplicate items and final report that provides an idea about how about how much duplicate items are removed from which folder and size of PST file. Users can also compare the size of PST file before and after duplicates are removed to get an idea about how much duplicates has been removed. The duplicate CSV file will provide an idea about duplicate items that removed from PST file and final report will help to analyze the size of PST prior to removing duplicates and after removing duplicates.

Facility To Examine WorkingOf ToolPrior To Investing

  • The tool is available in freeware demo version that help to remove first 15 duplicate items from PST file. Without investing in licensed version of tool users can remove duplicates and get an idea about how tool works and analyzed output PST files. Once the working abilities and criteria of tool gets suited to the requirement of users they can invest in licensed version by contacting our support heads sitting at support desk of the organization.

System Specifications And Pre-Requisites

  • MS Outlook application must be installed and configured properly in system with a valid or dummy POP3 account. (Not with Exchange Server)
  • Windows 8.1/8/7 and Vista users are required to run the tool as ‘Run as Administrator’
  • Supportive Outlook editions: 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 (32 Bit)
  • Supportive Windows editions: 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 2000/2012 (32 & 64 Bit)


Pros & Cons                                                       

  • The tool is overall a combination of some advantages and drawbacks reading which will get to know about ratings of tool. Although, number of pros are fading the colors of cons but still these need to be discussed to get an idea about flexibility of tool.
  • Pros list includes the freedom of removing duplicates from any sized PST file which is requirement of every user. The need to remove duplicates arrives only when PST file grows larger in size and there are changes of corruption. The ability to remove duplicates from any sized PST file make this tool more favorite of users compared to other tools. Other qualities include windows based compatibility, extended Outlook versions support, Norton and MacAfee secured application etc. In last only cons the tool include is it might take time to remove duplicates depending upon the size of PST file. Otherwise the tool is compact, secured and advance solution rendered to remove duplicates from bulk PST at a time.

Final Verdict

  • If ratings for the tool were taken it will be placed with 4 starts out of 5 and can be recommended to users who are struggling to remove Outlook duplicates Emailsfrom Microsoft Outlook PST files. The interface designed for tool is user friendly that requires no special skills and technical knowledge to run.The tool does not alter or delete any originally stored contents in PST file while removing duplicates which is must require by every user.

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