Should You Use Infographics on Your Blog or Website?

Infographics are nothing but the Information Graphics which are used to represent information more quickly. Even a tricky thing can be made simple by creating an Infograph picture. It can also be referred to as data visualization. We can use these infographics in any aspect such as presentations, sales campaign, annual reports, blogs, websites, newsletters, etc. It is simple aforesaid as a ‘Picture Book’ of information. Infographics are used as a master key that is more user-friendly for the visitors.

Why to use infographic?

As we know the fact that images play a vital role in communicating better with readers than simple texts and this is the main reason that made Infographic much popular. As they are quite engaging, entertaining and giving visual treat it will always have a better value than text contents read by the visitors. However they are quite useful for SEO and marketing also since infographic can be easily shared with anyone especially through social media sites. Using pictures and videos you can easily go viral in promoting your brand in the every growing online community.

Benefits of Infographic on your blog:

Use infographic works which is great for content marketing for few reasons such as

·        Easy to create – as we know it is far better to produce an infographic than writing a new blog post

·        Gives attention to visitors – it has the power to capture the audience where words alone fail

·        Increases your search marketing – if anyone shares your infographic you will be gaining a backlink which is an advantage

·        Make your post go viral– it’s very easy to shared everywhere since it gives more attraction which increases your chances to go viral

·        Increase your brand awareness – you can add your logo or website address through which you can increase your brand’s visibility

·        Privilege you as an expert – the infographic will prove your creativity and reveal your knowledge and expertise in that subject

Tools available to create Infographic:

People who are not designers can use to make use of these tools in a way to create their own infographic

·        Infogr.amis a free tool which allows you to create around 30types of the charts and it has many features all can be used at no cost.

·        Piktochart offers drag and drop infographic creations for only $29/month which included 90 templates allows to turn your data in a more effective way. But however you can try it with the editor having free for limited period to give a test run.

·        InfoActive allows the user to add more datas and use it in real-time which lets you to turn your data into visuals and used as the more ‘social’ infographic tool in the current market.

·        Daytum offers you to collect data over long time and makes you to display in a variety of formats.

·        Wordle can upload a collection of words and assign it into different shapes

·        ManyEyes is an IBM tool which is well suited to those who are more technically inclined and trendy over time.

·        GapMinder is a free audio application which lets you to reach data on world issues up-to-date and visually attracts users.

· is a paid service where you can create stunning visuals that bring messages to life

Hence, creating infograpic designs is the most important factor which ensures you to increase your website traffic. And companies are very eager in creating their own infographics to compete in this increasingly visual marketplace as it can boost up their ranking in search engines using a power tool SEO. It is important to add an embed code to your infographic since it will enable readers to share your infographic to their content which increases your backlinks to your website and consequently your infographic will become the best one which is widely shared on the internet .

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