SQL MDF File Repair Tool

SQL MDF File Repair Tool to Recover Corrupted SQL Server Database

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Corruption of SQL server database poses problems not only to data but also puts business flow and revenue at a great danger. The root or the main cause for the corruption of SQL server database is the deformities in the Input/output level. In other words, mainly the corruption problems are generated by issues in drivers, controllers, and hard drives. In addition, bugs and viruses in the machine also play a major role in the database corruption. Now, the question comes how to recover corrupted SQL Server database? One solution to overcome from this problem is to access the third party software, i.e. SQL MDF file repair tool that retrieves an inaccessible SQL database. This review discusses about the similar thing based on the software testing that is performed.

Software at Glance

Functions Recover corrupted SQL Server database ( NDF and MDF) file and Export into SQL Server
Current version 6.2.1
Size 6.4 MB
Interface Graphical User Interface
Windows version supported 10 and below versions of Windows
Trial version Available for free


SQL repair tool helps in recovering the corrupted MDF as well as NDF database of SQL Server. Further, after recovering it exports to database of SQL Server. It is algorithm in such a manner that it views all scanned database items. It can be utilized on all Windows OS without any error issue.


SQL MDF file repair tool is present in two versions, i.e. Demo and Licensed. Users can choose any edition of the application accordingly.

  • Demo Edition

In case you want to get demo of the working of the tool, then you can download the trial version of the application from the official website of the company. The demo version has some limitations over the license version but it gives you a complete preview of recovered components but does not store them.

  • Licensed Version

Once you get satisfied with the working of the demo edition, then the license version of the software can be purchased from the official website. The license version puts no restriction as it allows users to retrieve, save, as well as export them into SQL Server database.

Eminent Features

MDF repair tool retrieves the corrupted MDF and NDF file and exports them to database of SQL Server. There are some of the features of software as mentioned:

  • Automatically Server Edition Detection

The software automatically detect the edition of SQL Server database file. However, it is suggested to check the appropriate edition of SQL Server manually in situation if user is well alert about the edition.

SQL MDF File Repair Tool

  • Views all Data items

SQL MDF file repair tool previews all the recovered database components like column, triggers, keys, indexes, tables, procedures, and functions with components count. It creates easier for most of the users to confirm if the subsequent contents are like to exact data.

SQL MDF File Repair Tool to Recover Corrupted SQL Server

  • Compatible all Windows Edition

The software supports all Windows Operating System to recover corrupted SQL Server database. It is compatible with all version of Windows like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc. It also supports both 32 as well as 64-bit version of Windows.

  • Export Desired SQL Files

SQL repair tool exports the desired data items from NDF and MDF data files and save it. It benefits by saving users crucial time and effort as user gets the wanted data after execution the operation of data recovery.

SQL MDF File Repair Tool to Recover

  • Perform Data Scanning

The utility is programmed in way that it gives two modes of data scanning before performing the process. Quick scan option is mainly for normal corruption of database and Advance mode is for highly damaged file.

  • Advance Data Type Supported

The application supports the advance data type in execution the recovery process of database. It contains Datetime2, hierarchyid, sql_variant, datetimeoffset, geography data types. It even supports ASCII and Unicode XML data types.

  • Export Schema or Schema Data

SQL MDF file repair tool permits you to export the database via only schema of desired tables, procedures etc. Otherwise, you can export the tables via both schema and data in it.

SQL MDF file repair tool

  • Recovery of SUSPECT Database

Avoid the matter of SQL database marked as SUSPECT by this tool. If you are not able to attach with database because of file SUSPECT error then repair and recover corrupted SQL Server database.


MDF repair tool gives various useful features for users for performing the recovery of MDF as well as NDF file. The application supports all Windows versions as well as Unicode XML datatype and ASCII. However, the utility does not allow bulk recovery of MDF data files.


Considering the performance of the software, it can be rated as 9.6/10. Although the SQL MDF file repair tool fails in performing the bulk data recovery of MDF files. However, it professionally retrieves highly corrupted data files. In addition, its simple interface is very valuable for users in performing the SQL recovery. To sum it all up my recommendation for users is that this software is absolutely worth trying.

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