These 7 Features Makes Businesses Lean on DotNetNuke

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We know that for every business today having a web presence is a necessity. Apart from having a website, maintaining the content, function and process management of the website is equally important. All this cannot be imagined without an effective content management system and if you want something effective yet simple, then it better to choose .net cms.

Now what a CMS is? Well, it is a tool that allows the creation and modification of website content through a single interface. The complete content, whether it is blogs, image galleries, directory listing or event calendar, all can be managed with the help of a single CMS solution without any hitch.

Well there are a number of open source CMS like Joomla, Drupal and the popular cms like DNN. These all cms platforms allow easy content creation. After releasing the upgraded version of DNN the cms platform has become widely popular choice among different kind of business whether its retail business or a online magazine.

Why are people choosing DNN over other .net cms? well, the features and functionalities of DotNetNuke make it beneficial over other cms. Do you want to know what are those special features that help DNN website to stand out in the crowd?

  1. DNN is a scalable .net cms platform

With the change in technology, the website also requires time to grow. There are very few cms platforms that allow number of pages to be added to the website and enable businesses to expand. You can easily add new features to the website without switching to any other CMS.

  1. It comes with mobile responsiveness

Another best thing that this .net cms platform is its mobile responsiveness. It helps your business to reach out to a wider audience. You can make your existing application mobile compatible with the latest version of DNN. This cms platform comes with mobile API that allows building a mobile-friendly website design.

  1. One of the most bespoke cms platforms of all

When we talk about managing and maintaining cms like DNN, it is extremely easy with DotNetNuke. The user does not need to be technically sound to use the backend. You can easily create the web page, modify and maintain the same. You can easily alternate the images, texts, and layout without any training.

  1. Comes with a number of portals

With the installation of DNN, you will come across a number of advantages. As soon as you install DNN, you can use multiple portals. This helps business to build various websites and manage them from a single dashboard.

  1. Comes with many modules and extension

Out of so many cms platforms available in the market, DNN is one such open source platform that is backed by more than 8000 modules. These are easily available without any cost. Whether you want to add a new feature or want to customize an existing feature, the DNN modules are surely going to help and cater various website needs.

Wrapping up! cms like DNN is highly secured and protected against malicious software. So whether you belong to a technical or non-technical background, you can securely manage the website content anywhere and anytime without keeping a doubt on the security.

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