Top Apps to Boost Business Efficiency

Business owners in particular frequently feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Luckily, with a little change of perspective along with the helpful hand of technology, there are ways to easily streamline your day so that you have much more time on your hands.

This guide by Timesheet Portal (Click Here to find out about their convenient online business admin tools) explores some of the most popular apps to help you and your business run more smoothly and even save you money.

The Cloud

For those who are constantly in need on being online while on the move, this app is just the ticket as it will save you loads on network data costs. Available for free, The Cloud offers free Internet at numerous hotspots across the UK. The way it works couldn’t be easier – you simply sign up for an account, download the app and log in wherever you happen to be. Keeping up with emails, news and social media made simple.

Google Docs/Sheets

Available for free, this savvy app allows you to easily share, edit and collaborate on projects on the go. Particularly if you have a Gmail account, the app is extremely convenient, so much so that many business users feel it’s a great replacement for Microsoft Office, even while at your workplace. The features that make it so popular include being highly seamless across multiple devices, and having all documents live so that numerous people can work on it at the same time without glitches. If you want to share and save large files amongst people who don’t have this app, you could always use Dropbox or WeTransfer, which are also free.


The Citymapper app is great for ensuring you’re never late for meetings because of travel issues. Available for free, it allows you to receive real-time information about public transport, informs you of when your bus or train will arrive and lets you know how long a journey will take along with the cost of various options. All these features mean you can focus on the work at hand instead of getting stressed out when you have to leave your office. Other convenient travel apps to make your life easier are London Transport live and the National Rail Enquires, while for booking business flights SkyScanner is a good option. 

Receipts by Wave

Particularly for small companies, it is vital to keep track of expenses to ensure you stay within budget. Free for download, the Receipts by Wave make this admin task that much easier by allowing you to scan receipts, save them to your smartphone and share them with your colleagues. If you want to go even further and make keeping on top of expenses even easier, along with streamlining invoices, timekeeping and holiday leave, it’s a good idea to get hold of the user-friendly software from Timesheet Portal – Click Here to view their range of business efficiency services to make your life smooth sailing.

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