Why Real-Time Weather Data Is Important for Your Business

Why Real-Time Weather Data Is Important for Your Business

Today’s weather seems like such a mundane thing. When there is nothing else to talk about, people can always discuss the weather. However, atmospheric conditions have an enormous impact on daily activities, including wardrobe decisions, travel plans and business strategies. No matter what sector your business operates in, there is a good chance its activities are impacted by the weather, especially extreme weather.


Weather Tracking Goes High-Tech

Gone are the days when a simple glance at the sky was all the weather forecasting a person could get. Weather radar and storm tracking systems have become a part of the universal consciousness. However, having access to hyperlocal, real-time data gives your business a greater advantage than relying on a broader regional weather forecast would.That’s where Earth Networks’ weather apps and systems for businesses come in. With neighborhood-level observations and analytics, you’ll have the information you need to makewell-foundedlogistical and operational decisions. If your team is especially tech savvy, you can use a weather data API to integrate local conditions into your company’s website or app.

Get Advance Warning of Extreme Weather Events

You likely already know that lightning is a warning of impending hazardous weather and that cloud-to-ground lightning strikes mean it’s time to get indoors. However, in-cloud lightning, which you may not see, is an early predictor that extreme weather is imminent. With a weather radar lightning tracker system, you’ll always know when and where there’s lightning activity, even if you can’t see it yet.

Understanding that weather affects your business is one thing; knowing what to do about it is another. Whether your goal is to protect your clients and employees, schedule activities or plan for supply-chain issues, Earth Networks has all the weather-related technology you need in an intuitive, user-friendly format. To get a better idea of what products and services would best suit your business, contact Earth Networks today for a consultation.

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